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    Kingbomars is a technology company which focuses developing memory banks and some other Integrated computer service .Its products include memory bank \ Solid State Drive(SSD)\computer wholesales \ Tablet PCs.etc. Its business has already covered most markets of china and being on the plan for engaging the neighboring countries. Since the company starts ,Kingbomars has won a great comments and supports  from all its clients by pursuing high –quality and trust –worthy service .   

  Start from 2012,kingbomas has been promoted to the market as a new brand of all the products.

    Kingbomars becomes popular among its clients and have got lots of comments.


In 2010,Kingbomars technology industrial 

(Hong KongInc .started, mainly doing trading

 and product agent business.


In 2011,Shenzhen Kingbomars technology Co.,Ltd.

 started as headquarter of Kingbomars Group,and 

since then ,its business has successfully 

extended abroad and in china.




Tablet PC

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